Monday, March 24, 2008


I signed up for 10 seats at the 28o location for Tues., April 29th 7-9 p.m. The painting is titled "Abstract Flowers". Look it up on the website if you'd like to see the finished product. Remeber, you will/can make it your own by changing the colors, or adding/taking away things that you like or dislike. PLEASE let me know if you are seriously planning on going! Since I'm the one who booked our seats, I had to enter my credit card# to make the reservations. I will be charged $25 for each seat that is not used by us that within 2 days b/f the class I HAVE to have a final head count. You pay once you get there. My credit card is just to hold our spot.
You're gonna love it, I promise!!


kristy patterson said...

Count me in! I'm looking forward to it :)

Jessica Naylor said...

Ok so I'm not too sure about how to post something on this site so here we go..... July 4th or 5th Naylor (David) and I are planning on having a get together at our house for food and fireworks! Of course most of you know that we live in Forest Lakes so we won't exactly be shooting the fireworks off at our house!!! There is a field in the 1st entrance that we will attempt to use! I know this is SO FAR in advance but I know how calendars get booked up for the 4th so I thought I'd go ahead and make it known! We will have more info closer to the time!!! SO just mark your calendars! Have a GREAT week!


Anonymous said...

Hey Amber! I am in for the Sips N Strokes. I went this week with my sister in law and it was a lot of fun, looking forward to it!


Martha said...

Hey Amber! The 29th looks fine for me. Count me in! I'm excited!

Lisa said...

I definately want to come. Thanks so much for booking that for us.

Jessica Naylor said...

Hey Amber! I have heard some great things about this class! Will you keep me posted on classes that are any night but Tues. night? If there are any? I work on Tues. night until 8 but I would love to come sometime! If there isn't any than I may just have to ask to leave work early! it sounds like fun!


Riverchase Church of Christ Young Professionals said...

Hey Amber...Kristy told me about this at church yesterday, and I would love to come if there are still spots open!
~Lauren Holmes