Sunday, March 16, 2008

Idea for a Girls Night!
O.K., Everyone check out this web site:
You may have heard about it already, but it's an art class! You walk in, there's paint, a canvas and paintbrushes (& an instructor). When you walk out, you've painted a brand new "master piece" all by yourself to proudly display in your home! It looks impossible, but I PROMISE if I can do it, anyone can....I can't even make a pretty stick man! :) No, seriously. I really can't. But, the teachers are great and walk you step by step. It's SO fun to see how unique every one's painting turns out, but they are ALL always really cool. I've have done this about 10 times now and I love it more and more each time I go. It's addicting, believe me. April's calendar will be out the last wk. of March, so post a comment (or tell/email me) and let me know if this sounds fun to you. I know Fri. & Sat. usually works best for everyone, but those are the days of the hardest paintings and it's a little more expensive. I will probably set us up at the 280 class location (but maybe Vestavia depending on what's being painted at e/ studio.) Check out the website & look at the calendar to get an idea of what's painted there. Classes fill up REALLY fast (sometimes w/in 24 hrs.), so I'll be getting in touch with you soon when April's calendar comes out-probably sometime next wk.
The picnic was awesome! We love all of you guys!


kristy patterson said...

What a great idea! It sounds like tons of fun...count me in! Pretty much any night of the week is good for me as long as I know a few days ahead of time (to make sure Payton can keep Will). Thanks so much for heading this up!

Martha said...

Hey Amber! I've heard of this! A girl at work went and raves about it! Please count me in!!