Thursday, January 10, 2008

Prayer requests from Wednesday, January 9

1. Co worker of Kim Ledingham just found out his niece has a brain tumor.
2. Shelly Mickey: breast cancer
3. John Tyler Watts was admitted to Children's hospital with RSV. Currently, due to the highly contagious nature of John Tyler's virus, the doctors are not allowing visitors. Jana said his condition seems to be improving and they're hoping to be out of the hospital within a couple of days.
4. Family in Snellville, GA, whose 15 year old son committed suicide.
5. Jim Brinkerhoff, the college minister at Auburn, is in Cardiac ICU with an infection around his heart.
6. The Rose family from Arkansas: Family was in a car accident before Christmas. Both children were killed and the parents are still in the hospital.
7. Friend of Chad Watts whose son passed away recently
8. Co-worker of Kortney's whose mother has cancer

If you have any additional prayer requests, please feel free to add them to this post.

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