Thursday, December 20, 2007

Prayer Requests from 12/19/07

Here are the prayer requests mentioned last night in class:
1. Rick Franks: Having complications after knee surgery
2. Shirley Bailey: Was in an auto accident. Broke her foot, injured her hand and is pretty bruised up.
3. People traveling over the holidays
4. Jana: Is being induced on December 26th (if John Tyler doesn't decide to come before then) :)
5. Grant Rockett: Jana's friend who was injured in a car accident
6. Scotty Scott: Back injury

Also, one prayer request that was not mentioned in class:
1. Please pray for the Rose family (from Arkansas). They were in a bad car accident on the way to church Sunday when an oil rig truck turned over on their SUV. Their two children (Brooklyn, age 3 and Tanner, age 9) were killed instantly. Steve, the father, is in critical condition in Little Rock, and Elizabeth, the mother, is in stable condition but has several broken bones, a cracked pelvis, and is dealing with the emotional trauma of losing her children (Steve was sedated immediately after the accident, and is still sedated, so they're not sure if he knows about the children or not). Elizabeth's mother, Sharon Crockett, is an FCS professor at Harding University.

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